The Kaiser Roll Option For Better Breakfast Sandwiches

Eating healthy should start early in the morning. Unfortunately, many breakfast choices don't contribute to good health. A chocolate-glazed donut yanked from convenience store shelves delivers nothing but empty calories. Low-carb dieters wouldn't touch donuts, but they embrace foods loaded with saturated fat. A breakfast comprised of a decent amount of carbs combined with low-fat selections might prove more appealing. For those in a rush, a breakfast sandwich made with a Kaiser roll could be an excellent selection. Tweaking the ingredients of a traditional breakfast sandwich might make the choices even better.

Going with the Kaiser Roll

Sourdough, bagels, and croissants commonly serve as the top choices for standard breakfast sandwiches. Making a switch to a kaiser roll has some upsides. Depending on the particular kaiser roll, a serving may come with just 160 calories and a moderate 30 grams of carbs. 0 grams of saturated fat is another plus. By comparison, an egg bagel has a higher calorie count along with a significant amount of cholesterol.

The Carb Content

The body utilizes carbohydrates for energy. Some may be concerned about carbohydrates in kaiser rolls since many associate weight loss with carb intake minimization. Whether you eat carbohydrates, fats, or proteins, the only way to pack on extra weight entails eating too many calories. That said, burning up the fuel — glucose — from carbohydrates makes sense for those watching their weight. Eating carbohydrates early in the morning and then cutting back on them during the rest of the day can balance things out. A kaiser roll breakfast sandwich along with a cup of oatmeal provides a mix of simple and complex carbs for the A.M. As for that breakfast sandwich, what can you put inside the kaiser roll?

Making the Right Breakfast Sandwich

The standard egg, bacon/sausage/ham, and cheese breakfast sandwich puts tons of calories into a small package. And the saturated fat content goes through the proverbial roof. Healthier alternatives do exist. Removing the yolk and eating egg whites delivers protein without the fat. Turkey bacon is equally lean. A slice of low-fat cheese could be better than standard American or Swiss. To make the sandwich more filling, add vegetables such as broccoli or spinach. Turning attention back to the kaiser roll, one change may be worth a try. Whole wheat bread comes packed with nutrients. Whole wheat versions of kaiser rolls exist. Why not go with them? Sure, all these little tweaks deliver a taste you may not be familiar with. The result still tastes good and has benefits.

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