3 Pieces Of Serving Equipment You'L Need For A Buffet Brunch

If you want to start serving brunch at your restaurant, you need to make sure that you have the right kitchen tools and accessories that will allow you to effectively serve a buffet brunch. Before you start advertising a buffet brunch at your restaurant, make sure that you take the time get equipment that will allow you to keep the food you prepare hot and the special equipment needed to create an effective brunch.

Bakery Display Case

If you plan on offering baked goods at your brunch, you are going to want to have a nice way of displaying those baked goods. The best way to display baked goods is with a bakery case. A bakery case will put the baked goods on display, and also make it easier and more sanitary for customers to grab a pair of tongs to choose the baked good that they want to eat.

A bakery display case works well for a variety of different baked goods, from donuts to bagels to cookies or slices of cake. You can use it for breakfast or dessert elements for your brunch. There are a wide variety of size options with bakery display cases, so you can do for a simple case with one or two levels, or a larger and taller display case with at least three levels.

Carving Station

A common feature of many brunches is some type of meat, such as a roast, ribs, or a turkey. If you plan on offering a freshly cooked meat, you are going to want to invest in a carving station. A carving station will allow you to have an employee cut off slices of meat and serve it to people as they go through the brunch line.

A proper carving station will also include warming lights that will ensure that the meat stays warm as you cut it up. Additionally, you want a carving station with a clear tall barrier that allows guests to see what you are doing while protecting the meat from customer hands and germs as you carve it up.

Chafer Dishes

For all the different food options that you are preparing, you need some way to serve them. Chafer dishes are the best way to present hot food. They are designed to keep your food warm, ensuring that none of your guests have to enjoy or eat cold food. They also come with tops, which will help keep your food warm. The tops on the dishes will also help prevent the spread of germs via your buffet. You can allow guests to serve themselves from the chafer dishes or you can have employees serve your guests instead.

Before you open up a buffet, you need to make sure that you have the right equipment for displaying and serving the food, such as a carving station, chafer dishes, and a baked goods display case. Talk to a restaurant equipment sales representative to learn more about other food serving options available to you, or visit websites like http://louiswohl.com

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