4 Types Of Food Service For Your Wedding

When it comes to your wedding, everything needs to be perfect, from the dress to the food that you serve. Some people may think it's quick and easy to plan the food that will be served; however, your guests will leave your wedding and reception with many memories of the food that they enjoyed on your wedding day. Therefore, it is important that you not only choose your food carefully, but that you also choose the way that it is served with care. Here is a brief look at the various ways you can serve food at your wedding.


This is the most formal and traditional way to serve your guests at your wedding. With this style, each guest will be served an individual plated meal. Generally, each guest will be served a three-course meal: appetizer, entrée and dessert. In many cases, guests will be offered the choice of two different entrées; commonly, the choice is made beforehand. Alternatively, the plated meal can offer guests with two proteins, such as fish and chicken on a single plate. When this is done, it is commonly referred to as a duet plate.  


When a buffet service style is offered, there will be multiple food stations where guests will be allowed to walk along the food stations – usually set up along the length of a wall – and serve themselves. An alternative option is to have waitresses and waiters behind the buffet table so that they can serve the guests their dishes. With the buffet, it offers a more casual ambiance at the reception.


A station-style food service is somewhat similar to a buffet, except that the various food stations are spread throughout the reception area rather than being set up together along one wall. Some example food stations are sushi, taco, and dessert. As a general rule, with this particular type of food serve style, the portions are smaller than other styles, since it allows you to offer your guests a more diverse and creative menu.


With a cocktail-style food service, you will be serving small bites of food, such as hors d'oeuvres, throughout the evening, rather than having a buffet or a sit-down dinner. Generally, this style will offer guests with a variety of hot and cold food items and one- to two-bite food portions. These foods can either be set up at food stations for guests to grab as they mingle or they can be passed around by servers. This kind of catering is ideal for couples looking for a casual, laid-back reception.

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